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Isolated plummer sphere


This file contains:
- parameters.nml (namelist file)
- ic_part (particle initial conditions in ascii format)

Total mass: 1e+5 Msun
Plummer radius: 10pc
Simulation box length: 5kpc
Number of particles: 100k

Run by

mpiexec -n {number of cores} {ramses dir}/bin/ramses3d parameters.nml 

Note: This sample uses the phantom_units patch. Make sure to have it installed if you run this sample.

Disk with bulge

Disc mass 8e+10 Msun
Bulge mass 8e+9 Msun
Disc scale radius 2 kpc
Disc scale height 0.1 kpc
1 million particles

Note: This model also uses the phantom_units patch.

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