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This wiki is dedicated to supporting the research making use of the “Phantom of RAMSES” patch. It has been initialized during the First Workshop on Progress in Modelling Galaxy Formation and Evolution in Milgromian dynamics — first results achieved with the Phantom of Ramses (PoR) code, which took place in Strasbourg in September 2015.

To contribute to this wiki, register (click “register” at the top of the page) and send an email to

Download POR

The RAMSES code already comes with the “Phantom of RAMSES” patch. The patch is available in the ramses/patch/phantom directory.

Please note:
- All changes to the original RAMSES code are made visible by ~~~begin~~~ …… ~~~end~~~ comments.
- All added subroutines can be found in ramses/patch/phantom/poisson_commons.f90.

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